Smart Cooking Tips
Eating Right with Seafood

With a dash of expert advice from the chefs at Red Lobster and a hint of inspiration to eat healthier, fish and seafood recipes could easily become the most delicious and nutritious part of your weekly menu. Consider these tips:

Easy ways to cut the fat when you cook – Avoid deep-frying, heavy breading and baking in large amounts of oil or butter. Instead, broil, grill, sauté or microwave with little or no fat. Replace the bacon with smoked salmon on sandwiches – for a heart-healthy take on a BLT. Healthy twists on ethnic favorites – A simple switch in sauce is all it takes to lighten up the calories in exotic seafood dishes such as an Asian stir-fry or Spanish paella. Lighten up traditional tacos with fresh seafood – Grill or steam your favorite seafood, toss with fresh cilantro, vegetables and a light dressing, then wrap in a soft-shell tortilla.
Preparations that pack in the flavor without piling on fat – Use wine or beer instead of water to bring out sinfully rich flavors when you poach or steam your favorites from the sea. For extra flair, add fresh herbs and spices. Grill fresh fish such as salmon, tuna or mackerel – For a leaner alternative to the hamburger or steak.
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